Websites & services

Websites & services

Websites are increasingly transforming from informational sites into operational online services that enable interactions with a company around the clock. A company's own website is its most important sales and marketing channel. A prerequisite for good accessibility from search engines is high-quality content that can be supported by a website optimized for search engines and search engine marketing.

Online services and transactions

“Online service” is an umbrella term for electronic transaction services of all types. Online services often include connections to other systems that enable functionality such as making reservations, updating customer details, or reviewing orders. Stakeholders such as corporate partners or loyal customers may be offered access to online services that require user identification. These are known as extranet services. An entirely separate type of online service is the online store, which most commonly includes integrations with systems for payments, product management, inventory management, and logistics.

Business goals and analytics are the factors guiding development

It must be possible to set targets for online services, whether informational or operational, and follow up on these targets. Visitor tracking collects data on the users of the site or service, the most popular content, the sources of incoming traffic, and the fulfillment of targets. Analytics enable experts to study this data and use it as a basis for actionable proposals for developing the service and the company's business.

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