Uncompro­mising implemen­tation

Our digital hallmark is our distinctive, high-quality work. Our services are based on technical solutions that meet client needs.

Service integrations into client pre-existing software systems are built around external requirements and boost the efficiency of the client's processes. Information security plays a key role in technical solutions, and that is why we work with the leading company in the information security sector and maintain certifications that demonstrate the security of our solutions.

Experience and expertise

We take a passionate approach to digital technology, and our undisputed professional skill is demonstrated by several certificates related to project management and technologies. We do not just deliver projects – we bring realistic dreams to life. To succeed in this endeavor, we perform every phase of the project with professional skill, which is also demonstrated by our clients' satisfaction. 

Tools and technologies

Our approach to technology is that it should always primarily serve clients' needs. Our experience and diverse expertise help us to select the most suitable solutions for clients' needs. We select a product to use as the service platform to provide the best support for the client's business, taking into account the limitations imposed on the operating environment, providing the planned functionality, and meeting the maintenance requirements. Our software development team customizes the best solutions on the market for services. We also provide online stores using the Magento platform, as well as smaller online services based on Wordpress.

We use the following technologies in our solutions:

  • The Crasman Stage service platform
  • The Crasman Studio material bank
  • The Magento online store
  • Wordpress sites
  • Cloud services, globally or locally in Finland
  • Mobile services
  • Open interfaces

 Working methods

Flexibility and a keen eye for the client's operating environment characterize our project management. Regardless of the chosen project method, the most important thing for us is a high-quality end result, delivered within the agreed upon schedule and budget. Our projects adhere to the standardized project delivery model that we have developed, as well as the general terms and conditions for the ICT sector (IT2015 or JIT2015).

Our implementations include comprehensive design documentation, the correct technical choices, and the assurance of strong information security.  The project service we use brings all of the documentation and project group communications into one place.

Our implementations make use of the latest standards and established technologies that enable the solution to be maintained and developed further. Above all, quality is created by Crasman's staff, who are passionate about what they do, while quality assurance is provided by source code tests during the production phase and user testing before deployment.

Integration solutions

Modern digital services do not try to manage everything themselves – data is stored and managed on several systems. Effective integrations combine and transfer data between systems so that it is always up to date. System integration is one of our core strengths, and functional integrations enable us to build a productive and efficient solution from the smallest components. Our own service platform, developed in-house, is integrated into many of the most popular CRM, ERP, MOM, and PDM systems, but we also tailor integrations into other systems.

  • CRM systems: Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Salesforce
  • ERP systems: SAP, Valueframe
  • Payment systems: Adyen, Klarna, Paypal, Paytrail, Svea
  • Marketing automation: Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce Pardot
  • PDM systems: Modultek, SAP
  • Standard interfaces: CSV, FTP, REST, SOAP, Web services, XML
  • Other integrations