Assured continuity

Digital services must provide the flexibility to adapt to businesses, industries, and users. To us, the service life cycle means continuous upkeep with regard to development and maintenance.

The software that provides the platform for our services is being constantly developed and updated. When the project is completed, an ongoing service is invoked to complement our user support service, which is held in very high regard by our clients and partners.

Our in-house software development

For new organizations, the choice of publication platform is an important decision. It is a question of working methods, responsibilities, and storing data that is vital to the organization. To us, software development and maintenance means continuously modifying software, correcting errors, and making improvements, and we have more than 15 years' experience of this. Automatically installed feature and version updates ensure that our clients' services remain at the forefront of technological development, both in terms of their features and information security. The information security of our own service platform is audited annually to guarantee strong information security and peace of mind.

Hosting provides a home for services

Under our application service based on cloud architecture, we are responsible for maintaining the server environment and ensuring that server resources correspond to traffic loads. Online services hosted by our application service function quickly and reliably, so there is no need for clients to invest in server hardware. We are able to guarantee that our clients' data is stored in Finland, although we can distribute data around the world if necessary to bring it closer to our clients' end users.

We guarantee very high availability for the services that we host. We continuously monitor functionality and availability to ensure that users of our clients' services are able to utilize services at any time of day.

Client support

We do not leave our clients feeling alone – we can always be contacted whenever support is needed in any matter related to the use of the service. Our friendly client support service is part of our service package, and we receive positive feedback from our clients on this year after year. In 2015, our clients gave our support service a superb grade of 9,8 / 10!

Information Security

We have made continuous investments in information security as part of our product development activities throughout the development cycle of our software, which has been underway for more than 15 years. Our application platform is hardened using standardized security settings, including rights definitions for operating systems and server applications, as well as firewall settings. The system's functionality is assured using virus prevention, constant information security updates, and encrypted browser connections for administration. Nixu Oyj, the largest information security consultancy in the Nordic region, has granted information security certificates for our service platform software, demonstrating the strength of our information security.