Mobile applications

Mobile applications can be created for consumers, and also to make company internal processes more efficient. Applications can be used for purposes such as distributing information or reducing the number of manual work phases.

Mobile applications can be used for all sorts of purposes – they can modernize services, provide a new angle for marketing, or improve visibility. They can also be used to address problematic areas in company processes. Many sales, maintenance, and customer service jobs are done far from offices. How can employees quickly obtain information from the company's systems to place orders, check inventory details, or get content for a sales brochure? How can a company cut down on manual work and delays when the details on servicing work or maintenance measures need to be entered into systems? When information is entered using an easy-to-use phone or tablet application instead of being scribbled on a scrap of notepaper, it is instantly updated in the required place.

A good mobile application works seamlessly with the company's other systems

Mobile applications are most beneficial when they work in combination with other systems and services that the company is already using. For example, the content for mobile applications can be managed using the same publication system as for the company's online services.

User identification is a special characteristic of mobile applications, and the effective use of this often requires integrations into a user database or CRM system. The information must be updated on all key systems, regardless of whether the user has accessed the service using a mobile application, the online service, or even by visiting a store.

Benefits of mobile applications

  • It is easy to identify the user of the application

  • It is possible to use the application even if the network connection is down

  • Real-time, cost-effective communications using push messages

  • Sufficient performance for demanding application needs


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