Marketing automation

What is marketing automation?

Contrary to what the name suggests, marketing automation does not automate the entire marketing process; rather, it enables the implementation of automatic marketing processes. The target is to generate substantial commercial benefit by nurturing interesting target groups into hotter and more mature leads for sales. Nurturing means targeting contacts in the desired target group with marketing messages and content created specifically for their needs. The aim is to identify a potential customer's maturity and willingness to buy the products you offer, and to use marketing methods to expand and develop that willingness. Marketing is thereby able to refine completely unknown but potential customers into valuable leads for sales

Do you know which phase in the purchasing process your potential customers have reached?

The most important task for marketing is to generate leads for sales. As such, considerable amounts of money, time, and resources are often invested in one of the company's most important marketing channels – its own website. The outcome is visible in analytics and in the number of callback requests – this demonstrates how well we have done in our marketing.

The goal of marketing automation is to use content produced by the company to identify visitors to the online service and turn visitors into marketing leads if the user is at the beginning of the purchasing process. Carefully considered and personalized informative content is produced for the correct target groups (purchasers) with regard to the company. When visitors consume our content, we obtain ever more information about them. Gradually, identified contacts become qualified marketing leads.

Whenever salespeople receive leads generated by marketing automation, they know what type of information the potential customer is interested in – which product details the customer has viewed, which references have been read, and which materials have been downloaded.

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