Magento is the leading online store platform with a market share of 31 percent. According to the Internet Retailer 2016 study, online stores running on Magento increased their revenues three times more on average than online stores on other platforms in the span of a year.

Magento adapts and grows along with your business

Magento is a mature, open source software product. The first version was released in 2008. Magento has a vibrant ecosystem, with a developer community numbering more than 60,000, and the Magento Marketplace has a comprehensive range of extensions for various different online store requirements.

Magento's strengths

  • The appearance of the online store can be customized
  • Suitable for use as a platform for B2C and B2B online stores
  • Includes a wide range of features that can be deployed selectively, as required
  • Multilingual functions and localization enable international online store activities
  • Open source product with an active developer community sustaining a strong ecosystem
  • Easy to integrate into other systems (including means of payment, logistics, product information management, inventory management, marketing management)

We can help you launch your electronic business on Magento

We are a reliable online store provider with 20 years' experience in the field. Our online store and Magento expertise is demonstrated by our references and the certificates held by our personnel. We have paid special attention to a scalable and secure maintenance service for the Magento online store.


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