Extranet and electronic transactions

Extranets and various service portals are the best-known forms of electronic transaction services. These services are typically designed to offer users individual and personalized service online. For example, extensive information about services and products can be imported into the service for existing customers, who can be shown material and history related to their account and given the option of buying new services and products in an environment similar to an online store.

For customers, an online service often provides an alternative service channel to email and phone, so it is essential for implementations to be easy to use, reliable, and compatible with all devices.  Electronic transactions provide flexibility for customers when they deal with the company.

Companies constantly strive to serve their customers better and more efficiently. Online transactions create considerably more data than transactions in traditional channels. This data enables more individualized marketing communications and targeted sales. Customer self-service channels and automation implemented through integrations can make processes more efficient and free up time – allowing sales personnel to focus on larger, more demanding customer relationships.

Several different types of services fall within the scope of electronic transactions. Some of these form open components of the website by contributing specific functionality. The broadest definition of electronic transactions can include executing various service searches, filling out electronic forms, and guiding users to the correct information.

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