Digital Strategy

We will co-create a compact and comprehensible Digital Strategy to serve you as a daily roadmap for your digital business development.


Strategy is a plan to reach selected goals in a changing digital business environment. Together we will co-create a strategy to support your digital business.

Concise and concrete strategic planning brings you benefits:

  • Personnel committed to a strategy they have been creating
  • Concrete goals and meters and a schedule to reach them
  • Enabling leadership and KPI measurement for Digital Business and related activities


What is Digital Strategy?

A Digital Business Strategy sets goals, a plan to achieve them and a concrete roadmap for digital development. The strategy touches the four aspects of Digital Business:

  1. Customer Experience
  2. eCommerce
  3. Product Information Management
  4. Digitizing Business Processes

Customer Experience

Customer Experience means the way a company encounters their clients in Digital Services and also face-to-face. A Digital Business Strategy sets goals for Customer Experience and defines ways and measures to achieve those goals in the digital environment. Ways to enhance and align Customer Experience in the digital can include for example the company website, digital customer service, webstore or an other eCommerce solution, chat service, webinar concept or other means of encounter. The strategy also defines the outlines of Digital Marketing, Personalization and the use of Customer Data. 


One cornerstone of Digital Business is eCommerce and selling online. The way eCommerce takes shape for the company is defined during the strategy work. Goals are set and roadmap is drawn out for the future. The current capabilities and necessary steps to enable selling online are mapped and documented. Operating environment, market and business type define the requirements and expectations for the outcome of eCommerce. Digital Business Strategy defines a way that enables the eCommerce solution to support the overall business strategy of the company.

Product Information Management

Product information is vital for digital business. During the strategy work goals and a plan are set for building this core capability. The strategy defines the way product information is collected, edited, managed and distributed. Often product information is needed in several different digital channels from company website to eCommerce solution feeds and third party applications. These needs and requirements are mapped and documented during the process.

Digitizing Business Processes

Digitizing existing business processes enables the overall development of digital business. During the strategy work the processes are mapped out and evaluated in order to digitize and streamline them. The processes can be related to sales, marketing, customer service, R&D or any other company function. 

The Road to Digital Strategy

Digital Business Strategy is based on background research, workshops and interviews. We implement the strategy work by the following guiding principles:

  • The strategy must be easy to read and understand. It is comprehensible to anyone who knows the basics of the company business.
  • It must be compact - readable during a bus ride. Ten minutes is enough.
  • The document must be updateable by the client. It contains instructions for regular evaluation and update.

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