Digital publication and web-to-print

Digital publication does not just mean publishing content in several different channels – it boosts the efficiency of the content production and reviewing workflow, while enabling users to enjoy personalized content.

The content for the multi-channel publication is collected on a single system, where it is also reviewed. Several people can take part in producing and reviewing the content at the same time. Content can be published in a managed way from a single content source in the form of online, mobile, or printable PDF publications. For example, the annual reports published by listed companies utilize all of these channels.

Personalization may mean automatically compiling the publication content on the basis of specific user information, or the user can assemble the desired content to create a self-service product. Users can download versions of product brochures that only contain specific products. At the same time, a company's salespeople can use a tool to compile and deliver a quote for their recommended products using only the latest product information.


  • Annual reports and other reports
  • Professional magazines, company publications, and customer magazines
  • Product catalogs and brochures
  • Other publications personalized for users


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