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The content management system and material management form the core of effective digital marketing

Digital marketing means publishing high-quality content on several different services and channels – sometimes in several different languages. Crasman Stage is the only content management system on the market to include high-level material management to serve the entire organization. The benefits are clear: there is no need to create different versions of material for every electronic service as it can be utilized from a single location.

Crasman Stage facilitates the work of communications professionals and marketers by automating several processes related to using and publishing material. For example, images are automatically created in the required sizes so they are easy to use on online services, direct email marketing, social media channels, digital publications, and printed materials.

Global online services, online stores, and electronic transaction services

Crasman Stage is a platform for all electronic services, including corporate websites, online stores, and transaction services. The flexible platform does not limit the further development of services – it supports their growth. For example, online services set up as marketing channels for product information can be subsequently expanded into online stores. An automated translation workflow facilitates entry into new markets by making the publication of new language versions more efficient.

Crasman Stage is a scalable platform for all electronic services:

Integration potential – Crasman Stage speaks fluently with other systems

Generally, information is imported into online services or exported from different systems, such as systems concerning customer information, product management, inventory, enterprise resource planning, or reservations. Crasman Stage includes good integration potential and documented programming interfaces that facilitate the management of data flows between different systems.

  • CRM systems: Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce
  • ERP systems: AutoMaster, Dafo, Microsoft AX, SAP, Valueframe
  • Payment systems: Adyen, Avarda, Klarna, Paypal, Paytrail, Svea
  • Marketing automation: Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce, Pardot
  • PDM systems: Modultek, SAP
  • Standard interfaces: CSV, FTP, JSON, REST, SOAP, Web services, XML
  • Other tailored integrations – contact us for more information.

The application service, based on cloud architecture, is a safe home for electronic services

The Crasman Stage application service scales to local and global online services. The application service's world-wide content delivery network ensures that online services run at top speed regardless of the user location. In addition, the application service has a 99,5% availability guarantee. Read more about life cycle services.

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