Online annual report

Annual reports have become electronic in recent years, and users are increasingly accessing them on a wide range of devices, just like all other online services. Having an online annual report creates a modern corporate image and, if the right tools are used, the same material can also be used to create a PDF publication for printing or electronic archiving.

Electronic annual reports reach a wider audience and enable companies to be monitored

When an online annual report is used, there is no need to think about the sizes of print runs or distribution lists. A responsive online annual report published on the internet will never run out of copies and it will reach a wider group of stakeholders – it can be read without restrictions, regardless of the time of day or device. Compared with a printed annual report, it is possible to analyze the number of times an online annual report is read and identify which parts are most popular, all thanks to visitor tracking. The data accumulated from visitor tracking is used to make further improvements to the online annual report.

Flexible content production and a multi-channel annual report

The online annual report enables flexible processes for content production, approval, and publication. Using the annual report content management system, content producers and proofreaders can work on content simultaneously without creating several different versions at various stages of review. As the system can produce a printable PDF version of the annual report in minutes, up-to-date drafts can be taken for viewing at any point prior to publication.

The multi-channel annual report can be read on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and downloaded in PDF format to be read on the aforementioned devices as well as on e-book readers. The PDF document can also be sent for printing, so the multi-channel nature of the annual report can be further supplemented by a printed edition.

The best tools in the sector at your disposal, provided by the pioneer of multi-channel annual reports

We are a reliable provider of multi-channel annual reports with experience stretching back to 2009. Since then, we have further developed our multi-channel annual report production system, and we provide several dozen annual reports for our satisfied clients every year. Thanks to our extensive experience, we understand the special characteristics of annual report projects and we take a serious approach to the project schedule and information security. The annual report production system is certified by Nixu, the largest information security consultancy in the Nordic region, and we maintain our information security certification every year.

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