Soredex, a Finnish medical imaging equipment brand, stands out from its competitors with its modern design.
The Crasman designed digital brand and website support this impression. Although X-ray devices for teeth and jaw imaging are not online impulse purchases, the online presence plays an important role in sales. Traditionally, sales content for B2B companies focuses on technical data and detailed descriptions of the equipment. Soredex wanted to stand out from the crowd by demonstrating the benefit offered to end customers – dental patients. Telling stories centered around patients is one of way of communicating to dentists that the machines guarantee the best possible care to their customers, thereby also creating value for the dentists' businesses. PaloDEx Group, a Finnish exporter, used this as its starting point when it set out to modernize Soredex's imaging equipment brand online services. Soredex differentiates itself on international markets with its reassuring modern design, so its digital brand also needs to convey the same message.

Our sector is strongly oriented around product data so we wanted to differentiate ourselves as a people-oriented operator. Instead of focusing on technical properties, we wanted to communicate what can be achieved with our products. The brand work we did with Crasman is seamlessly communicated by our new website, which works exactly how users need it to and serves them in an advanced way – just like our products. Information security also plays an important role in the implementation of our website. We publish material that – if forged – could give rise to hazards for end users. For this reason, it is essential that our technical implementation has information security certification. We know that our website is built on a more robust base than ordinary sites.

Sami Oittinen, Commercial Marketing Director, PaloDEx Group

Client's need

Soredex's pervious website did not sufficiently reflect the brand. Like its competitors, Soredex had published fairly raw information about its equipment and features. In addition, the technical implementation of the site did not serve the company's customers as desired. For this reason, two targets were established for the modernization of the site: Soredex's digital communications needed to become value-oriented rather than product-oriented. The brand needed to generate the impression of a customer-centric, problem-solving operator that addresses the needs of end customers – dental patients – and thereby boosts the business operations of dentistry businesses. The technical implementation of the service also needed to meet user requirements as flexibly and effortlessly as the company's equipment.

Crasman's solution

Workshops were arranged to distil the essence of the Soredex brand, identify the brand's voice, and create storyboards. Work was also done in relation to PaloDEx Group's other brand, Instrumentarium Dental. The conclusion was that Soredex needed to talk about its satisfied customers rather than its equipment to become an approachable brand with a more human touch. As the updated brand was strongly constructed using visual storyboards, Crasman decided to arrange photoshoots for the website with San Francisco-based professionals. A fresh online service was built for the brand, leaning on direct, unpretentious story-telling.

Technical implementation

With the brand work as a foundation, the online service was designed with a clear, responsive implementation that offers a large range of information, from user manuals to model images. As the new website highlights Soredex's role as a content producer, Crasman prepared a content strategy to support the brand's communication in the future.

In addition to product presentations, the website acts as a customer service channel offering various different services. One of the customer-oriented solutions on the website is a material distribution service, which saves Soredex customers time in the event of a problem. The model image files of imaging equipment are important for identifying faults but too large to be sent by email. Customers had previously sent model images by mail, which made it much slower to identify faults. Thanks to the new solution, customers can send image files directly to Soredex using the online service, and they can quickly receive a diagnosis of the equipment's condition. This speeds up the service received by customers, thereby improving customer satisfaction.


To boost usability, solutions were selected to make it easier to navigate the site and improve the user experience. A third-party site search feature, including images and learning functionality, is one such example.

The technical solutions also make the site easier to maintain. A material bank, deployed in conjunction with the site modernization, stores information about all of the products, as well as the company's marketing material. Versions of the site in different languages are easy to maintain, and the technical solutions made for the site support ongoing development work. This will enable the online service to continue to drive the company's sales for years to come.

Crasman is a technically skilled developer that understands the brand perspective and is able to support its online communication. Online projects often come up against limitations that were glossed over during the sales phase – with Crasman, there were no such surprises. The solutions have been made with the flexibility to enable them to be further developed in the future. That is why we still feel like important clients, even now everything has been finished and signed off.

Sami Oittinen, Commercial Marketing Director, PaloDEx Group