Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres wanted to improve its customer encounters with the help of a responsive website. With Crasman's implementation, a stronger digital brand and unbeatable customer experience were created for the company.

Finland's most acclaimed tire brand

Car tires are typically purchased on the basis of recommendations from local retailers and other consumers. The challenge for Nokian Tyres – and many other industrial manufacturers – is to create a relationship with consumers through a long supply chain. When the company wanted to modernize its website, Crasman saw an opportunity to reinforce the brand and formulate an entirely new customer service model. Based on a visionary design, a responsive online service was constructed for the company, along with support for the maintenance of several national versions of the site.

Nokian Tyres aims to be a modern pioneer. Our products are the best in the world in several groups, and we want to communicate self-confidence. Our new site contributes to this goal. The brand book and content production guidelines prepared by Crasman describe our digital brand, as well as the character and goals of our website. This ensures that all of the content we produce will continue to support our brand communications

Anssi Mäki, Communications Manager, Nokian Tyres

Client need

Nokian Tyres set out to modernize its online services when it realized that the user experience offered by the site no longer reflected the company's brand as a pioneering modern operator. The visual appearance felt outdated, and the site was difficult to use on phones and tablets. It needed to be replaced by an entity that could meet the needs of tens of thousands of daily visitors, 30 content producers, and 15 countries. The online service needed to operate reliably every day of the year, including when snow, special offers, or stock exchange press releases caused unexpected spikes of site visits.

Our solution

Crasman understood that the project needed to do more than just scratch the surface: Nokian Tyres' desire to expand its relationships with consumers and its intention to strengthen its digital brand were identified as the primary goals behind the modernization of the online service. During the early phases, it also became clear that the brand's digital presence needed an update. To chart a new course, a new brand voice and visual depiction were designed for the digital services. The result was a brand book and content creation guidelines that ensure that Nokian Tyres' digital activities will continue heading in the right direction.

New online service – Local content, global maintenance

The new online service was designed using prototypes. Instead of relying on images and graphs, the features and usability of the site were reviewed using browser-based example sites that enabled customers to experiment and provide feedback on the user experience on different devices. As such, any usage-related problems were identified at an earlier stage and the risks were transferred from the production phase to the design phase, making problem-solving more flexible and cost-efficient.

The responsive new online store was focused around Nokian Tyres' Hakka-turva service where customers can register the tires they have purchased. This enables them to be offered individualized services in the future, reinforcing the brand's relationship with the consumer. The tire selector designed for the site helps users to find the best tires and points customers toward their nearest retailer. The product information pages feature reviews submitted by owners, facilitating purchase decisions, while the tools for sharing pages on social media provide tire buyers with a way of recommending products to their own networks. In addition, product knowledge can be gained from the blog content produced by organizations in different countries.


The intelligence of the implementation is also visible on the administration pages. The site was called upon to accommodate thousands of rows of product information and a global operating environment stretching from Europe to North America, Russia, and China, so there were demanding requirements for content management and publishing. Thanks to the Crasman Stage online service platform, information can be maintained in a single place and used to produce content in different languages with very little effort and a bare minimum of manual work phases. The publication platform seamlessly utilizes the Crasman Studio material management system, which Nokian Tyres was already using. It is also possible to add other integrations whenever the need arises. The package is reliable and easy to manage.

The updated service is a modern, responsive site that is genuinely beneficial to consumer customers. An enormous amount of data can be effortlessly maintained on different channels and in different languages, and it will be possible to adapt the site to meet future needs.

Crasman is our trusted online partner. Thanks to more than ten years of collaboration, we know each other personally, and our work is characterized by mutual trust and flexibility. It is also important that the creative work phases have led to well-assembled, concrete end results that we can utilize in our own work. Crasman is also a cost-effective partner that gets everything done on the agreed-upon schedule. If there are any surprises during a project, they are usually positive.

Anssi Mäki, Communications Manager, Nokian Tyres