Laakkonen Group wanted to boldly modernize its online services. Customers are used to the principle of searching for cars online, but many purchasing phases have traditionally required them to visit a dealership.
Thanks to its open-minded design and astute implementation, Laakkonen's online service enables users to calculate the trade-in value of their own cars, obtain a financing decision, pay for a car, and order it for delivery to their door. The online store also offers personalized information and community functionality. Crasman created the concept, design, and implementation of the online store in close collaboration with Autotalo Laakkonen.Digital services are taking on a more important role in car selections with each passing year. Laakkonen's national chain of sales outlets is now supported by a refreshed, centralized, and dynamic online store, which is the outcome of almost a year's hard work involving Laakkonen and Crasman. The reason for the modernization was clear.