When Intersport’s online store was built, a number of existing systems were utilised. The exceptionally wide-ranging implementation integrates an enormous amount of data through Crasman’s solutions.
When an established company sets up an online store, it never starts from scratch: the solutions must be linked to existing systems. In the case of Finland's leading sports equipment chain, the extensive chain business, large product selection, and fast pace of transactions led to additional project requirements. It was clear during the initial phases that the mammoth project involved building an easy-to-use store to provide customers with high-quality, expert service around the clock.

Considering Intersport's status as Finland's leading sports chain, the absence of an online store was a major shortcoming. Now customers check out the selection online before going to a brick-and-mortar store to buy something. That is why we want to provide comprehensive information about our products before customers even get to the store.

We were looking for an online store that communicated quality and expertise, and supported the brick-and-mortar brand. Crasman developed a platform that works on all devices, with technical solutions that precisely meet our needs. We received an online store that is as simple as possible for consumers, with a visually compelling implementation.

Ilkka Saastamoinen, Online Store Director, Intersport Finland Oy

Client need

Intersport set about building its first online store at a time when consumers' behavior online and in brick-and-mortar stores is in transition. The digital implementation was required to serve customer groups who shop online, as well as those who come to bricks-and-mortar stores for their purchase decision. Intersport was already using business-critical technical systems and there was high-quality content on the old online service. A tailored implementation method was designed to make the most of these existing resources.

Our solution

The online store project stretched from inventory management all the way to point-of-sale systems. A year earlier, Intersport began using the Crasman Studio product information management system for its store and marketing materials. It was essential to exploit this material for the online store, which is based strongly around visuality and pictures. The foundation for the design was a clear and effortless user experience. The goal was to create an online store that would address consumers' varying needs while guiding them, with the help of various types of content, to get more out of their hobbies.


Efforts were made to implement a seamless purchasing pipeline, making it simple to select, buy, and return products. Clear views and product purchases improve the user experience and guide customers' movements in the online store. The implementation serves customers' online needs and concerning brick-and-mortar stores: if the customer enters their home address into the store search field, it shows the location of the closest store, accurate to the nearest kilometer. This is all based on an understanding that customers often want to search for products online and then try them out at the store.

The online store provides customers with rich content, which makes the store more interesting and increases its visibility. In addition to product videos and articles, the service publishes updated content via an RSS feed. From the point of view of continuous content production, it is also important that content can be published effortlessly, with no middlemen involved. The flexible Crasman Stage online service platform enables retailers to update content related to their own stores.

The most important prerequisite for the implementation was considered to be the speed of the site. The doors stay open, even if 100,000 visitors come in every day. The speed and responsiveness of Crasman's implementation also provides maximum user comfort for online store customers, no matter which device they use. Thanks to this, a staggering 40 percent of customers visit the store on mobile devices.

Behind the scenes, Intersport's online store is an exceptionally extensive implementation on a Finnish scale. It is Finland's largest Intersport store in terms of the number of visitors. For users, is a clear, easy-to-use place to shop. It understands users' needs and provides expertise that encourages them to experience the joy of sport.

The project went very smoothly. I have never seen such a large-scale project implemented in such a short time. The system required a very large number of different integrations, and Crasman has managed them very well. The company had already convinced us of its quality on earlier projects, so it was easy to work with them again. Crasman adopts an innovative and flexible approach. You never hear them say It can't be done." They implement all of the new features we ask for and make changes rapidly.

The site is fast and it has coped with the traffic spikes caused by our sales campaigns. We have noticed that maintaining the online store is a continuous process but it is good to build on a solid foundation.

Ilkka Saastamoinen, Online Store Director, Intersport Finland Oy