We implemented a material bank integrated into Gummerus' own systems, as well as an easy-to-use, responsive online service.
Gummerus Kustannus Oy is a publishing company that publishes literature, non-fiction works, and hobbyist books from Finland or translated into Finnish. The publication program also includes dictionaries and language books. We implemented a modernization of Gummerus' online service and material bank to support and enhance the company's online business.

Client's need

Gummerus needed to update its site concept, along with its usability and visual appearance. The company was looking for a functional, easy-to-use online service that would enable products to be easily viewed. An important part of the design of the online service was to make the extensive databases easy to navigate using a comprehensive search function: in addition to the products themselves, Gummerus' online service needed to provide users with the ability to browse several other types of information related to books, such as quotes, reviews, links, surveys, and samples. Gummerus also wanted to use its site to promote its various campaigns.

Crasman's solution

Being able to find books on the site by title and author was one of the most important aspects related to material management for us to develop. One of the project's targets was to integrate the Crasman Stage publication system with Gummerus' product information system so that updated product information would be automatically updated online to the maximum extent possible.

In addition to presentations of books and authors, Gummerus wanted the online store to enable manuscripts to be sent for the publisher's appraisal, so the Crasman Studio media bank was customized to allow manuscripts to be received and processed.

Technical implementation

We implemented Gummerus' company site on the Crasman Stage publication system based on a concept and visual appearance designed by Dialogi. The user interface and visual appearance are completely responsive, so the online service can be functionally used on mobile devices. The site was implemented in Finnish and English, although the English site is slightly narrower in the scope of its structure and functionality.

Gummerus' product data was integrated into the Crasman Studio media bank environment, and information about new books is automatically imported into the media bank. The environment allows Gummerus' personnel to enrich the information for inclusion on the website, and Studio makes it easy to upload printable photos of authors and book covers into the media bank for use by media houses and retailers. The integrations into the client's own systems were implemented with Crasman's project team and the responsible personnel from the system suppliers.



The outcome of the project was a higher quality of online communications for Gummerus and faster communications processes using system integrations and automation. The modernization of the online service brought significant benefits for the company's marketing and communications, thereby also boosting sales.