We implemented a multi-channel online service for Familon to enable a memorable and personal customer experience.
It is no longer enough simply to offer an online store. When Familon wanted to increase its visibility and turnover in electronic channels by opening a new online store, Crasman implemented a multi-channel marketplace. We built an online service to enable a memorable and personal customer experience without compromising on excellent usability.

Aiming for an online store that sells and serves

Familon's goal is to be an online professional in good sleep and well-being, so they needed an online store to sell and serve customers in line with the brand. The online store needed to be timeless and increase Familon's online revenues. The solution needed to operate in several channels and provide for requirements to be established for improving the customer experience in forthcoming years. The client wanted to use the online store to increase the brand's visibility, boost the customer experience, and realize the benefits of digital marketing and brand investments.

Online store that brings the brand closer to the customer

Familon did not embark on the online store project by molding the project around a single technology; instead, the store was taken into consideration as a part of the broader customer experience. Customers nowadays expect a personal approach and effortless transition from one channel to another – from brick-and-mortar via mobile to the online store and back.

Good usability is a prerequisite for an online service, but shoppers are also looking for experiences and a dash of 'magic'. As customers have increasingly high expectations of the service in return for their commitment and enthusiasm toward the brand, we introduced an experiential and personal feel to the user interface and visual appearance of the Familon online store. The ability to easily purchase products that are ideally suited to the customer brings the brand a step closer.

Digitalization of communications and marketing

Familon's website was expanded to become an online store. Having a single site instead of running the online store and website separately enables expert articles and product sales to be centralized on an online service under the same brand. Thanks to the material bank included in the entity, image and text content can be managed centrally, making site maintenance quicker and clearer.

Communications and sales can be seamlessly linked, as demonstrated by the “Be inspired” section, which utilizes Familon's social media feeds and includes pictures of styles, making it easy for customers to purchase the featured products.

After publication, the “Bed wizard” service is now under further development. This will enable users to easily assemble a suitable bed package. Online store analytics will also be developed to reach an even larger customer base, and serve customers who have visited the store before.


Familon.fi is a modern and easy-to-use online service that serves people seeking products for good sleep and wellness by providing new experiences. Thanks to active measures, the Familon.fi online store has also overtaken the Familon factory outlet in terms of sales, and awareness of the store is growing steadily.